Friday, January 06, 2012

Spinning like a 45 on a 78 Turntable

If you have been paying any attention at all to the Ron Paul campaign, you will have no doubt that the media is marginalizing him. He has consistently been first, second or third in most scientific polls, yet his face and name are often omitted from the results. Candidates with lower numbers are touted ad nauseum as 'rising', yet when Paul had the same momentum which carried him into the top tier, he was given little press, and that was almost all negative.

His face has been blacked out on televised poll reports, with no name and his percentage numbers displayed below the cameo, while other candidates, even those with lower numbers, have their name and full color face displayed. More often, he is omitted from results, altogether, with lower and higher polling candidates displayed. Almost every time he is mentioned at the top of a poll, some negative caveat is given as an adjective to describe him.

Here are a few examples that I found by simply typing "Ron Paul blacked out" into a search engine:

And that is just a few, easy to find examples. Most are way worse.

Talk radio, where a lot of people get their 'news', contains some of the worst spin. There is almost no accountability for radio talk shows. They can, and do, say almost anything with no fact-checking or attachment to reality. A lot of dirty work in smearing Paul is done at this level. Listening to talk radio is getting to be like listening to Tokyo Rose.

Poorly researched, debunked reports are repeatedly reported as fact about him, with no retractions or apologies. ALL of the news networks smear Paul. They can't even make up their mind what they want to smear him about. On CBS, he was called 'too far to the right to be electable' by Bob Schaffer. On the Fox News Debate, they accused him of being to the 'left of Obama'. They always follow that up with the 'unelectable' smear.

Technically, anyone is electable who meets the requirements laid out in the Constitution. But, if you want to get down to those issues most people claim to care about, Ron Paul is pretty much the only one that IS electable. They won't report on that, though.

If you ever had any doubt that the media is spinning against Ron Paul, you need only look at the way they're trying to spin the recent sales boost that singer Kelly Clarkson received after tweeting that she loves the Republican from Texas. When a few 'fans' complained, Ron Paul supporters jumped on Amazon and bought all the albums they could afford. The spin doctors are claiming that her double digit ranking jump (triple digit percentage jump in sales, which had most industry people dropping their jaws), isn't from Ron Paul supporters buying her album, but from Christmas sales or people just wanting to 'fill up their new MP3 players.' What?

There is no doubt that Kelly Clarkson is a talented singer and is popular in her own right; She won American Idol and has a lot of fans. But no other artist had that massive a bump for 'Christmas sales'. It was a meteoric rise in sales. There is NO DOUBT that the Ron Paul bump jumped her ranking dramatically. To even imply that the Ron Paul people buying up her album had nothing to do with it is ridiculous and is blatant, unrepentant spin.

The old media is spinning in a dizzying, death spiral.

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