Thursday, December 22, 2011

Let's Talk REAL Issues

The real issues in the 2012 Presidential election are the economy, foreign policy, and the growing nanny-state.

REALITY: If Ron Paul isn't elected, we will probably go to war with Iran. This will most likely hurt our economy and create a foreign relations nightmare. He is the ONLY candidate advocating a foreign policy of peace.

REALITY: If Ron Paul isn't elected, we will most likely continue down the same fiat path with our currency, facing the failure of the dollar while the cronies and friends of the media elites get richer and the poor get poorer.

REALITY: Ron Paul has always defended individual rights, no matter what race, religion or national origin the individual might be. He has been praised and defended by high ranking officials in the NAACP. That shouldn't be a requirement to prove a lack of bias, but it does go above and beyond what a Newt or Romney would get.

REALITY: Ron Paul has always been a fiscal conservative, voting only to allow spending when he believes it is thoroughly authorized by Congress. If there had been a hundred more Ron Paul's in Congress, there would be no budget crisis right now.

REALITY: Ron Paul would continue to fight against legislation that suspends habeas corpus and indefinite detention from the powerful position President. You wouldn't have to worry extraordinary rendition under a Paul presidency.

REALITY: Although he has never accepted money from medicare or government assistance, he gave reduced-rate and sometimes free healthcare to the needy.

REALITY: Ron Paul predicted the housing bubble bursting 5 years before it happened. There is so much evidence to back this up, it should have been front page news for months.

REALITY: Ron Paul predicted the market crash in 1987. This also has video and audio from multiple sources to back it up, unlike the attacks the political media machine is making against him.

REALITY: Ron Paul has preached against collectivism in any form for 40 years, with overwhelming audio, video and text evidence to back that up.

REALITY: Ron Paul has NEVER received a fair shake from the media. Deal with that.

With all the topics concerning these real issues, why is the media asking Ron Paul about something written by someone he doesn't know 20 years ago, and that he didn't find out about until 10 years later?

Because they have nothing! Paul's record is virtually spotless.

CNN, which has been asking the same questions about these things since 2008, made no attack when their candidate, Obama, had Black Panthers information on his 2008 Presidential campaign site...

In this day and age, when the equivalent to newsletters are blogs or websites, it is much easier to get rid of that kind of content. It would have been another story completely had his site been hacked and the Panthers' info inserted, but it wasn't, and it allowed to stay up long enough to conceivably allow it to be viewed by millions of people. Still, it is dumb to try to blame the then Senator Obama for this.

Things were different in the late '80s. There is no way you can know what someone is typing and xeroxing. There was no googling your name, back then. Paul didn't even know this inflammatory content EXISTED for roughly TEN YEARS, until a muck-raker dug one of these 'newsletters' up. He wasn't even in politics at the time this stuff was alleged to have been written. It wasn't brought to his attention until it was long out of publication.

The funniest thing of all is that a disgruntled former staffer, after being fired nearly a decade ago for trying to pressure Paul into supporting an attack on Iraq, is considered the 'source' for most of this info. His claim that 'millions' were made off of these mailers is so laughable that no credible news source should touch it.

Come on, CNN, and other statist news outlets, let's talk about something that pertains to reality.

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