Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dear MSM: We don't need you!

This is my one-sentence message for the media: We didn't need you to get here, and we don't need you to stay here.

What the elitist media fails to realize is that this election ISN'T about Ron Paul, it is about IDEAS. Ideas can't be killed. We've been listening, and reading every idea espoused by Paul for 40 years; Those concepts of freedom are what we support. Spin doesn't work.

This election isn't about some televised left-right argument; it is about the fundamental principle of liberty vs tyranny: Force vs Free-will. Every 'Patriot ACTion', tea-party-something-or-other, or 'Occupy' group pushed on us by the media claiming to be our 'voice' will be rejected. Every bit of political spin will be ignored. You can't control this opposition with media; it grew with the media trying to kill it and it will not die because of it.

From the time the Declaration of Independence was penned until today, the United States has been moving closer to real independence. We have taken great strides forward. We understand that the archaic requirement of giving up independence in order to huddle together for warmth is no longer valid. We recognize that each mind should be free to explore and to innovate without giving up individuality to the collective. The rules that violate natural laws are being repealed.

This is the movement. It is a fight between the elitists, who have always profited from the fears of the collective, and the person who denies that some elitist knows what is best for the individual. It is also a fight between the frightened collective, attempting to force the individual back into his or her 'place', and the spirit of individual freedom and innovation. The elites have always controlled the collective through fear, hatred and division. This movement is the antithesis of those concepts.

No amount of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX News, print news or any other propaganda is enough to surpass the will and mind of the individual. Group-think is flawed from the very start. Collective thought will be defeated by a group of individuals. Elite media, pushing the agenda of oppressive collectivism, is NOT enough to reverse the tide of individuality, which is the real source of support for Ron Paul.

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