Thursday, December 08, 2011

Big Government Liberal Republicans

I'm talking about Newt and Mitt. Is there even a GOP anymore? How can it be that almost half of the party supports either Mitt or Newt? These are the guys who want socialized medicine, global warming taxes, and to deny 2nd Amendment rights to Americans. What kind of flipped over world is this?

Mitt and Newt now claim to oppose Obamacare. Yet... Obama says his healthcare was modeled after Romney's! Mitt claims he got the idea for socialized healthcare from a white paper that Newt wrote. Can't people see the obvious?

Newt went along with Nancy Pelosi to push for global warming legislation. They made a commercial which played on TV every 30 minutes for a while. How does this jive with a party platform which all but categorizes human-caused global warming as a hoax?

Romney has been for everything before he was against it. It is ok to excuse a politician for changing one or two views, if they are well thought out and you can see the logic, but for Romney, it was a 180 degree u-turn with no signal. I've never heard him say anything about regretting his healthcare mandate in MA.

Newt is much the same. I thought I had lost my mind listening to him criticize the Federal Reserve in one of the debates, a topic which, just 4 years ago, was taboo even for a member of the banking committee. It's like they've flipped a switch in his head.

It's like they've flipped a switch in both of their heads to try to sound like a conservative and to steal Ron Paul's talking points.

The anointed Mitt and Newt do have some detractors, but I'm not sure how much actual opposition those detractors are willing to put up. We want SMALL GOVERNMENT and LOW TAXES. These two clowns stand for the exact opposite. How can a Republican tolerate this mix of fascist, communist and utterly repugnant bile?

You can't just hold your nose to vote for these two, you'd have to rip out your olfactory nerves.