Monday, September 12, 2011

What Cost Freedom

Hurt feelings are nothing. A few dollars? Nothing. Many have given so much more to merely gain the opportunity to DREAM of freedom. What will we have to deny to ourselves in order to obtain and retain freedom?

Honestly, very little. So much of the price has already been paid. We can see freedom standing at our door. The glimpse of freedom we have inspires us. Yet, for some reason, we refuse to fully open the door.

It must be understood that freedom is the move towards civilization and that civilization is the move towards individualism. For thousands of years, man has been forced into collectives to survive. Individual freedom is raped in the name of security in these collectives. Now, at the true dawn of the fulfillment of the dreams of mankind, we find ourselves bowing at the altar of the false god of collectivism.

This is the reason we hesitate at the door: We have yet to answer the question of whether or not the collective is worth sacrificing in order to be free.

Not only is it worth sacrificing, collectivism is the most antithetical obstacle to freedom; it is the abyss claiming many who seek to be free. Like the ancients before them, many are turned around. They begin to see the illusion of collective safety as some sort of surrogate for true freedom. The enticements into this abyss are the false freedoms... the freedoms FROM things... freedom from want, freedom from fear, freedom from hearing ideas that offend. These things are promised, yet never delivered by the collective.

This is not freedom at all, but enslavement of the mind and soul of the individual.

Until the individual will is recognized as the only force of civilization, man will not be free. And, although the cost we would have to pay is potentially very small, the reality is that the collective will protect itself until the bitter end. The collective sees the individual as meat to feed to collective, not as the objective of freedom. The individual is in for a fierce struggle.

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