Monday, May 02, 2011

Bin Laden Dead... again?

Bin Laden may be dead, but the pictures and information we've been given don't prove it.

This article and a host of others are now showing how the media really dropped the ball in their haste to get the story out on the alleged death of bin Laden.

There has been no credible evidence of his death coming forth. He was 'buried at sea'? Really? And no real photographic, video, audio or other evidence of the alleged raid? DNA could have been procured from his corpse. But why, if they found his corpse, wouldn't they just say that he had been found dead instead of lying about killing him?

It has been reported multiple times by reputible sources that bin Laden passed away years ago. Some reports claimed he died in Tora Bora back in 2001, but, more believably, it was reported that he had died of kidney failure several years ago. Either way, he would've been dead for years before he was 'killed' in Pakistan over the weekend.

If bin Laden was really killed Sunday, the government needs to do a much better job of proving it. Right now, it seems like a propaganda game they're playing, with no real substance.

UPDATE: I figured it out. He's been a ZOMBIE the whole time!

On a more serious note, I expect to see the plethora of videos, pictures and other evidence come out, soon, of the action that allegedly claimed bin Laden. There was first person POV video of the hospital raid that extracted the female soldier captured in the early days of the Iraq invasion. There were on-the-scene videos of the capture of Saddam Hussein and for the death of his sons.

At least there should be some video of him on the boat/ship before they placed him in the casket, or in the casket. I KNOW, if this really happened, that there is video/pictures of the place of his death with him still there.

If none of this comes out, I'm going to have to call BS. I'm already pretty close to calling it, now.