Monday, April 11, 2011

Not Biased

The above image is the result of an online survey/test/demonstration I took. It's Harvard University's bias-detecting demonstrations, a part of their Implicit study. I don't know how old the site is, or how old the study is, but it seemed to confirm what I already know: I'm not racially-biased.

The quiz/survey takes images and places good or bad adjectives between them, forcing the test-taker to rapidly place the word or picture in a bad or good category.

I wonder how some alleged fighters for equality would fare on this thing.

Then, I took the gender test.

It was to see if I have a bias towards males in the workplace. I thought I'd probably show some bias towards females being more family oriented, due to the fact my mom was our primary caregiver, but it showed I really didn't have any bias about men or women in the workplace or home.

I only took those two tests. I'll probably take some other ones, just to see if I have any biases at all.