Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Smears and Idiocy

I just read the most idiotic blog on examiner.com. This guy apparently watches Huckabee and checks no sources at all. His name is Marc Schenker. What a dolt. I saw the interview Huckabee did with Ron Paul and Huckabee tried to imply that Paul said he wanted Obama impeached for invading Libya.

Only problem is, Ron Paul never said that. Huckabee gave no source for his accusation other than to say, basically, that he 'read it somewhere'.

What we have here is a bunch of neo-con idiots who are trying to make people confuse Dr. Paul with Dennis Kucinich, the Democrat. Kucinich believes in UFOs (much like Jimmy Carter) and has written up impeachment articles for the last few Presidents. He is NOT Ron Paul. Kucinich is a liberty-leaning liberal which is a far cry from a libertarian-leaning conservative like Ron Paul.

The goal here is obvious: discredit Ron Paul. That's been the obvious goal all along. He threatens the power structure. If you don't understand that, you need to read more, and look back at recent history.

Back in 2007, when Dr. Paul embarassed the weak GOP field by dismantling their neo-con rhetoric, the all-out attack began. 'Impartial' moderators began to berate Paul, no waiting for an answer, they giggled and gnashed their teeth at his honest, intellectual responses which blew apart the fallacies they'd been promoting. They hired PR hit men to attack him after the debates.

When the primaries began, voting irregularities in several states went, curiously, against Paul's favor. Poised to win the Nevada GOP nomination for President after Mitt Romney dropped out, the Nevada GOP shut down the state convention with thousands of Paul delegates anxiously waiting to cast their vote for him.

Even after it became clear that he had more support that the 'front runners' by coming in ahead of them, he was not invited to some of the most key debates.

Although garnering more than enough support to be allowed to speak at the GOP National Convention, Paul was snubbed. Ron Paul's delegates to the GOP convention were told that it was 'McCain Country' and all Paul signs, pins and banners were taken. Paul's supporters held a counter convention with thousands of attendees across town. Although it had C-Span coverage, none of the major networks covered the counter convention.

After railroading him out of the primaries and debates, and ultimately the GOP National Convention, the neo-cons breathed a sigh of relief. It was ok, now, to have him on their TV shows again. After all, he said exactly what they claimed to believe and raised record amounts of money from individual supporters. They really wanted to tap into that.

Now, the time is coming closer for the first debates. The elitists can't let him do what he did in 2007 or he could seriously undermine the neo-con agenda for good. Thus the attacks.

If I hadn't seen what they did to Ron Paul in 2007/08, I don't know that I would have supported him so vociferously.