Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Since 2007, it has become more and more apparent to this blogger that there are some people who will never support Ron Paul. No matter what the facts are, no matter how much they agree with everything he says, and no matter how wrong they make themselves look for opposing him, they will stubbornly continue to argue against him. Even when their arguments are debunked outright, they'll start talking gibberish and never admit they are wrong. I've witnessed it!

Why do they continue to attack? Part of the reason is politics. He most likely didn't vote for some pork project or political issue which violated his principles and the principles even they claim to uphold. Now they're just getting some measure of political revenge. They'd rather cut their nose off to spite their face.

Some refuse to support him because they say he's 'unelectable'. I'm still trying to figure that out. I suspect it comes from those who believe perception is reality. If Fox, CNN and MSNBC portray him in a negative light, then there must be something negative about him.

If you're still watching and believing what you see on FOX or any of the other news/entertainment networks after 2007, I question your sanity.

Then there are the theocrats. These people attack because they support candidates who would violate their own freedom of religion just to push whatever moral code violation they deem illegal. They basically believe a version of sharia law should be imposed on America. Surprisingly, many of them are Christians.

The good thing about them is that when many of these theocrats really start to read and understand what rights are and what the purpose of government really is, they reject sharia-style laws. A lot don't, though, stubbornly continuing to believe that government is some sort of enforcer of personal religious beliefs instead of the protector of our rights.

The key to winning them is getting them to read things that don't implicitly support their already ingrained views. That's sometimes hard to do.

Worse than theocrats are the 'radicals'. These are people who read a lot of communist, socialist, big-government propaganda who seem to believe that some sort of utopia can come from dismantling our country. They will shout, scream, make weird noises or do whatever it takes to bring any intelligent conversation or debate to a grinding halt.

The only way to reach these people is when they finally realize that the fulfillment of their ideas would bring nothing except more pain and bloodshed. Most would NEVER admit that, and therefore are the hardest nuts.

There probably aren't many people who don't already understand that young people are the driving force behind what happens in the future. If young people acquiesce to the will of those who want to continue the erosion of our rights, our rights will be eroded. If they stand and fight, our rights will be protected, at least until the next generation decides whether or not to take up the cause. That's what the Ron Paul movement is about.

Dr. Paul is the ONLY politician doing anything about the erosion of our rights. All of the others pay lip service, but do the exact opposite of protecting our rights. Young people who want to protect their future understand this.

Paul is principled and stubbornly defends those principles. Instead of stubbornly defending special interests and big government, he defends the rights of the individual. That kind of behavior, although it doesn't gain him a lot of friends in politics, gains him a lot of support from those who want their rights stubbornly defended.

No one is saying Ron Paul is a perfect candidate; he's just the only one even remotely close to the ideals most Americans believe and hold dear. Rejecting him as a viable candidate because you're too hard-headed to admit you were wrong is just plain dumb.

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