Friday, January 28, 2011

Policing the World

Reminiscing about the things that happened in my life, thanks to the anniversary of the Challenger disaster, I started wondering how many countries US troops have fought in since I've been alive.

In my lifetime (since 1974), US Troops have engaged in combat in the following countries:

Cambodia, Iran, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Lebanon, Grenada, Honduras, Bolivia, Panama, Liberia, Kuwait, Somalia, Former Yugoslavian Republics, Congo, Albania, Afghanistan, Philippines, Columbia, Iraq, Georgia, and Syria.

That's over 22 nations. The only ones to which we were 'invited' were Kuwait and Georgia, although with Georgia, we were technically in South Ossetia, Russia, where we were definitely not invited.

We really have been the 'policemen of the world'. No wonder we're so deep in debt.

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