Tuesday, October 12, 2010

RP Still Kicks Butt

I just got through watching a replay of an interview on MSNBC with some guy, O'donnell I think is his name, that tried to make something of an attack on Dr. Paul. It reminded me of the Fox News interviews back in 07-8. Ron Paul held his own against some pretty weak bait-and-switch style questioning, the kind that appeals to the lowest common denominator, but has no real substance.

I was told to watch the interview, that the guy had 'gotten' Paul, but what I saw was nothing of the sort. Paul shined through the whole thing, and even exposed some more of the same kind of thing that always happens on Fox News, where they try to offput the interviewee, showing me that MSNBC and Fox are just two sides to the same coin. You know when Fox and MSNBC BOTH attack you, you're DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!

Look out 2012!!!

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