Monday, September 20, 2010

To Catch Up...

I can't believe I didn't blog something for my 1 year anniversary at the new job! 14 months, now. Time really flies.

In more recent event, my girlfriend and I went to a Campaign for Liberty seminar, last weekend. It was very interesting. It was supposed to be Friday night - Sunday morning, but we only went for the Saturday session. It was all day.

We learned some tools and methods that I believe will be useful. I really wish we could have been there for the Sunday session. They pushed some of the stuff I wanted to learn on Saturday to Sunday, or at least that's the way I understood it.

In depressing news, Selma is getting cameras to go everywhere. We're gonna be a surveillance city. Very unhappy turn of events. Very anti-liberty. It's a willful attack on Selma's liberty in the name of safety. I call BS.

Ayway, the seminar had a great turnout. They had only planned for 50 people, but there were considerably more than that. We broke up into groups of about 7. Amy and I got into a group of 5 with some other people from around Central Alabama. All the groups were given the same scenario to handle. Kirk Shelley, the instructor, selected our group as the winner.

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