Thursday, July 15, 2010

You Have to VOTE

Some people are so confused. I've been reading some stuff written by 'libertarians' who claim the only way to obtain liberty is by refusing to vote. "Eventually," they say, "the corrupt government will fall apart," or some such nonsense. They fail to notice that NOBODY VOTES NOW, and the corrupt state isn't going anywhere.

The over-reaching power that exists in government is due in large part to the sloth and apathy of non-voters. Until the tyrannical legislation is repealed by people elected to do so, there will be those who vote to stay in power. They will resurrect the dead, absentee vote and intimidate their way into office. However, even with their vote tampering, they are vastly outnumbered by potential voters who JUST DON'T CARE, or are convinced that voting won't change anything.

It's true that voting in the primaries is sickening. Being told that you can only vote for the hammer or the sickle is bad enough, but having to decide which hammer or which sickle is more than a good person should have to bear. We still have to try to get rid of them, though, and voting is the only real way to do so.

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