Tuesday, February 09, 2010

The TEA PARTY is OVER!: rEVOLution Continues!

If you're a tea partier or a neo-liberal and still into the left v. right thing, you probably won't understand why you are completely uncool. Fact is, you've missed the liberty movement, completely. The modern Left v right, Democrat v Republican argument is virtually pure fiction. It's liberty v. tyranny, now.

That's where it's at. Truly, that's where the REAL arguments about the future of our nation are taking place: the Liberty movement.

People who formerly bought into the left v. right thing are coming to liberty. From both of the make believe sides, too.

In the words of Aimee Allen, "WAKE UP!"

You've been left behind. You're so busy trying to please your peers that you don't even see what's really going on in the world around you. You're like the Alphas in Revenge of the Nerds. The more you try to be cool, box liberty in, or mock it's supporters, the more like a troll you look. A blind troll at that.

Let's get something straight. The movement isn't a 'Tea Party movement'. It never was. It's the LIBERTY movement. The LIBERTY movement had a Tea Party back in 2007 where we talked about non-interventionism, ending the inflation tax (if you believe in the left/right thing, you probably don't even know what that is) and a return to sound fiscal policy. We talked about repealing the Patriot Act, blocking RealID, and the corruption and abuse of power in our government. See much of that on TV? Didn't think so.

I received an email containing a link to a website called 'theteapartyisover'. It was published by a PAC espousing some allegedly liberal vagary. In spite of their uninformed rhetoric, which is neither here nor there, they are correct in their main statement: The Tea Party IS over.

We HAD our Tea Party. It's over. It's time for our liberty movement to continue the rEVOLution. We need to put people in office who understand that LIBERTY is far more important and essential to the survival of our country than any fake media generated Democrat v. Republican debates.

What are Republicans and Democrats, anyway? Why do people think things that have nothing to do with those ideologies are essential to being one or the other?

All you hear on TV or the radio is that the REPUBLICANS are doing this bad thing or the DEMOCRATS are doing this other bad thing. They're BOTH DOING BAD THINGS! Neither of them are standing up for the ideas to which they pay so much lip service. Yet we're told we have to decide between tweedle dee and tweedle dumb.

Thankfully, the Liberty movement is growing within the parties. Although the neo-cons are hanging on to the tea party, pretending to believe in liberty while doing their best to outright subvert it, liberty candidates are getting a lot more support. There are Dems and GOP candidates who care about liberty... they've just been maligned and marginalized by useless pundits in the recent past.

The tea party IS over, though. It had to end.

Did the Bostonians hold Tea Parties every few months after dumping tea into Boston Harbor? NO! The Boston Tea Party was a spontaneous reaction to tyranny! Forget the "Tea Party"... been there, done that. We've aroused the people. It's now time to move to the next phase of the movement known as the LIBERTY rEVOLution!

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