Friday, February 12, 2010

Modern Man: Liberty? Kill 'em All!

What is happening to the men of America? We're weak and emasculated where we should be strong, and we're all full of blood lust and violence when we should be calm and deliberative. It's like we've adopted some serial killer mentality.

Savagery and blood lust have no place in America. They are the product of a wicked, vain society. The replacement of a respect for life with the amusement at seeing suffering and death is disappointing to say the least.

The founders of our nation wouldn't have thought it amusing to torture anything. Killing was reserved for food, nuisance creatures and criminals who had actually committed a serious crime. Perhaps what they perceived as a nuisance is a little different today, but bloodsport killing wasn't a common M.O. Bloodsports were the pastime of the wealthy with nothing better to do, (inbred nutjobs) or the savages who somehow attached religious significance to the activity, neither of which imply the common sense ethics of the founders.

No, I'm not talking about hunting. Hunting for food has always been a vital part of life. It is perfectly normal and sporting, unless you're hunting just to kill something with no other motives, like Jeffrey Dahmer or something. I'm talking about people who kick dogs for fun, the guys who shoot things just to see them die. Even just a few years ago that would have been looked upon as a mental disorder at best, but now it's treated as a form of amusement, even MASCULINE.

Yeah, all kids go through phases. I'm not talking about that... I'm talking about grown men who have no real masculinity and make up for it by being amused at seeing death and torture or by actually doing it themselves.

It really looks like these people just had bad parents or something. I'm certain it started with kids raised back around WWII, because a lot of people born back then seem to have this defect, although there are a lot more closer to my age who have it, too. Even I had the peer pressure as a kid to laugh at the distress of the vulnerable. But I was a kid, and you outgrow those things. At least, you SHOULD.

I'm not talking about war, either. War is a necessary evil. It shouldn't be looked upon as a GOOD thing, ever, but sometimes you have to defend yourself.

It just seems like we don't care about life, anymore. This has to contribute somehow to our lack of real compassion. We don't really want to respect life, because we're becoming conditioned to think it makes us less of a man.

Then, we make up for it by authorizing government to take care of the poor, or the sick, because it would be somehow WEAK of us to even CARE. Or maybe we're just too lazy to care. Either way, we give up some of our liberty just to seem tough or manly.

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