Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mississippi Territory Tea Party! August 9, 1772

Be there, or be square! Tell the Brits we've HAD ENOUGH!

Wow! Nobody knew I inspired the Boston Tea Party! Even me!

Sorry, Tim James, I'm not buying it. The link to a site where an August 2003 event titled a 'tea party' was allegedly scheduled doesn't cut muster. I did a WHOIS on it, and the site wasn't even registered until 2007. Also, there are links to twitter and Facebook. They didn't exist in '03. The site design could've been changed since then, so I'll let him have that. Still, since the site itself wasn't registered until '07, I'm not buying it.

I don't doubt that the event took place... I've taken part in events such as this since around 2000. But they weren't 'Tea Parties'. And maybe someone DID say his event was a tea party... that's not the REAL issue, anyway. The question is this: Did the event Tim James participated in in 2003 have any bearing whatsoever on the Liberty movement of today? The answer is a resounding "NO".

We raised about 7 million for Ron Paul's presidential campaign on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party in December 2007. Unless James was involved in the Ron Paul campaign, his claim falls flat on it's face.

Sorry, Tim. Better luck next time.