Tuesday, January 26, 2010

tonewah.com no more?

I have had tonewah.com registered for a decade. Back in October, I set up my domain to autorenew. Well, last Saturday, my domain quit showing up. I tried to contact the registrar, which is DOMAINBANK, for 3 WHOLE DAYS, with no response. I did a WHOIS search Saturday night and saw that it was now registered to DOTSTER.COM.

Finally, on Monday, I got a call through to DOTSTER, even though they aren't my registrar. They were somewhat rude, and pretty much told me I'd have to pay $100 more dollars to renew my domain, tonewah.com. It's extortion! They claimed to not know why it didn't get renewed, and didn't deny that they never sent me a notice that it wasn't renewed before turning it off.

SO, I went to another registrar and registered tonewah.net and tonewah.org. Screw domainbank and dotster, the crooks! I'll take my business elsewhere! The thing that sucks, other than not having the domain I've had for 10 years, is that I'm not getting my email, now, because the domain tonewah.com is where my email goes.

If anyone has tonewah.com in their links, and were wondering why it doesn't work, you might want to change it to tonewah.net or tonewah.org.