Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jim Neighbors' State of the State

I watched the State of the State address Tuesday night, and really tried to forget it. Now, I flip through C-Span and see ole' Bob 'Gomer Pyle' Riley blabbering again. He totally speaks out of both sides of his mouth. He's such a big government pig. I could never vote for a moron like that, and I don't understand how so many Alabamans did.

Seriously, is someone making facing at him while he speaks? He sure giggles a lot. I keep expecting him to say 'GAAAWWWLEEE!' He sounds JUST LIKE JIM NEIGHBORS. He's gotta be kin to him.

He is talking about 'ethics'... HA! How's it ethical to threaten the family and livelihood of those running against you in an election, there Bob? Hypocrite. Confess to all of your political crimes. Of course, he really doesn't want any real ethics investigations.


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