Monday, December 28, 2009

Update: Michael Badnarik

Received this email from Gary Franchi today:


I just got off the phone with Michael Badnarik's Mother, Elaine. She informed me that his condition seems to have "backslid". They were were hoping that he would have been released on Wednesday to his Mother's care in Indiana but his condition is still critical.

Michael came out of his unconscious state, unbound his wrists some how, and removed the breathing tube from his throat. His mother remarked that when Michael came to he asked to be released. He doesn't understand how serious his situation is.

The hospital had to sedate him again to put the breathing tube back in because he is having trouble breathing.

They cannot find the reason for his breathing problem... so he is currently sedated to ease the pressure on his lungs and heart.

His heart is still in atrial fibrillation and had to be hit with the AED defibrillator to reset its rhythm.

He will be sedated until his condition can be stabilized...

He is still at Gunderson Lutheran Hospital CCU in Lacrosse, WI. Please do not call or visit the hospital, only family is allowed.

Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

In Freedom,

Gary Franchi

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