Friday, August 28, 2009

Stacking the Deck

Over half of the Republicans in the Senate are putting together a $500 a plate fundraiser for Trey Grayson, the neo-conservative candidate running against Rand Paul in the Kentucky Senate primary this coming spring. I don't understand it.

First of all, in a free country there should be more than 2 political parties with power to get on a ballot. If the neocons who've taken over the GOP don't want Rand Paul, he should be able to go to another political party who does. But the monopoly the Republicrats have on politics makes that impossible.

In a free country, competition drives achievement. When competition is stifled, the quality of the service or product suffers. The willful suppression of true political competition is destroying our government. When you want to have the best product or service, you look for the best employees, so you can do better. The political monopoly in our country disallows this kind of competition. Cronyism wins the day when the crooks in the party are allowed to pick and choose who else to join their crew.

When are Americans going to wake up?

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