Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's NOT Socialism, it's NEO-FEUDALISM

I had an article on the front page of last year entitled "When Will America Abandon Socialism?", which, at the time, was what I thought was our biggest problem. Then, as I began to see the globalist roots of the current big-government movement, I wrote another blog, "When Will America Abandon Globalism." It didn't even get a mention.

Now that I've looked at all the information a lot more closely, I can see that it's not even really the globalism or socialism, it's a new brand of feudalism. It's an elitist and darwinist ideology that assumes some are more highly evolved, and are better equipped to 'lead'. It's a kinder, gentler feudalism. Boiled down, it means some believe they have evolved to a higher level, which makes them better equipped to write laws and basically tell others how to live.

Whereas the old feudalists ruled by divine right, these people believe they should rule by a darwinian right. This overrides our God-given and natural rights. The contract we made with our nation, known as the Constitution, is irrelevant to them. They're often quoted saying things about it like "it's just a GD piece of paper." Or, "It's an outdated document."

These neo-feudalists fund the campaigns of politicians, control credit, commerce and, most importantly, sit on the board of the privately owned banking monopoly, Federal Reserve. They rule by fiat, and the fiat they use to obtain this control is the Federal Reserve Note, the piece of paper issued by Federal Reserve that our Congress continues to allow to be used. You probably know it as 'bills'. It's really an IOU to Federal Reserve for the money the US Treasury borrows from Federal Reserve.

All the hullabaloo about socialized medicine, a symptom, has exploded to misdirect people from the source of the disease, Federal Reserve. A few weeks ago, it was Cap and Trade. Before that, the bailouts and stimulus packages.

The neo-feudalists WILL CONTROL YOUR LIFE if you don't FIGHT THEM. The first step is HR1207. It has been put on the back-burner with all these misdirections recently, but it still has over half of the House as a co-sponsor, and a quarter of the Senate. That's over 300 elected to Congress in SUPPORT of the bill. We only need 25 more Senators and HR1207 could become LAW. They are SCARED TO DEATH of this. This would force and audit of Federal Reserve, and would give us a chance to see what they've been really doing with our treasury.

On a side note... why does the media call it THE Federal Reserve? Unless you're 80 years old, you wouldn't say, "I want to ship a package THE Federal Express." You'd say, "I want to ship a package Federal Express." Why do they give it a definite article? I believe it's to lend credibility to this monopoly. I need to look into why this is. It bothers me. They even had me saying it. They've done it for so long now, they've gotten to the point of just saying THE FED.

Media likes to add the word 'system' at the end, ie. the Federal Reserve System. It allows the use of the definite article because it's the system unique to Federal Reserve. Just saying THE Federal Reserve sounds ridiculous. I really think 'the' has been added to make it seem as though Federal Reserve is the reserve specific to the Federal Government, which couldn't be farther from the truth.

Federal Reserve needs to have it's contract revoked. It was signed in the wee hours of December 23rd 1913 when most Congressmen with any scruples were at home with their families. HR1207 might just blow the doors off Federal Reserve. If people can avoid the distractions these neo-feudalists keep threatening us with and support HR1207, Federal Reserve doesn't stand a chance.

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