Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Few Notes

I haven't posted in a while, but I felt I needed to blog a few things.

Firstly, I heard Gordon Brown on NPR this morning talking about how there needs to be global laws, and carbon-free industry. Firstly, I don't really listen to what the PM of the UK says, but I do think it's interesting that he's pushing this agenda. It's GLOBALISM that caused the economic crisis, and he wants the world to come together in some globalist state to FIX it? What a DA.

Yesterday there was a link to an article on Drudge about the new RFID program being pushed. The REALID RFID program got stymied, so it's been repackaged, again, as an ENHANCED ID, or EID. Get a clue, politicians, it's RFID and WE DON'T WANT IT! It's unreliable, sometimes inaccurate, and the potential for abuse is staggering.

The 'Sovereignty Movement' is gaining ground, apparently. Almost half the states in the union have some sort of proposed legislation on the agenda declaring the rights of the states to challenge federal law when it violates states rights. I've not read them all, but some of them even seem to indicate that the state would remove itself from the union should the federal government not recognize the rights of the state.

There's been a lot of talk indicating a Constitutional convention is being planned. This could be interesting. Not too long ago, I watched a documentary about the "Singing Revolution" in the Baltics back in the '90s. If I remember correctly, they formed a constitutional convention and convened a new government that was considered illegal at the time. The Estonians soon retook their country without having to fire a shot. I wonder if that's possible, here.

There was another story on the radio this morning about a man who was arrested after merely telling Dick Cheney that he didn't like his policies. The charges of harassment were later dropped, but the man's 1st amendment right to free speech was infringed. He is seeking some sort of restitution.

My feeling in this matter is that Dick Cheney is a sissy. He had a man arrested who merely verbally attacked him. Alexander Hamilton was stoned in front of his house for supporting a trade agreement with the British in the 1790s. John Jay was hung and burned in effigy. What did he do? He joked that he could probably travel better at night with all the effigies of himself burning. He JOKED about it. He didn't say, "Have that man arrested! He's threatening my life!" He laughed it off, realizing that with Liberty comes risk. That's what MEN do... or that's what men who believe in FREEDOM do, anyway.

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