Friday, June 13, 2008

Ron Paul Declares POTUS Run Over; Liberty Campaign Begins

Last night, as I listened to the audio stream of his speech on WTPRN, Ron Paul made an impassioned speech that seemed to say he wouldn't give up his run for the Presidency. He called for a continuation of the precinct and delegate programs. He did, however, state, in passing, that his Presidential run was over. He announced that he was swapping his campaign to a broader campaign for Liberty and Freedom.

Although I was disheartened to think of anyone other than Dr. Paul as our next President, he managed to keep my spirits up with a great speech. He is by no means giving up, so I am not giving up. My Ron Paul for President signs might be coming down, but my RevolUTION mindset is steeled.

I suppose there will be some who give up, but I'm not one of those people. If anything, I am more determined than ever. The way the media treated Dr. Paul, the obvious lies and misleading nature of media outlets I once trusted, the suspicious election procedures across the country... all these things FORCE me to react. I plan to continue fighting the ideological battle against the communism and corporatism that has stripped the rights and freedoms from the American people.

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