Monday, April 07, 2008

Insurance Fraud?

I had someone covered on the insurance for my '93 Mustang convertable for about 10 months back in 2004-05. I called and removed them in 2005. Last year, I was informed by my insurance company that this person was still on my insurance. I informed them, in no uncertain terms, that I did NOT want that person on my insurance and that I was angry that person was still listed as a driver. They then told me the person was removed.

Today I received a renewal from my insurance company, ALFA, and guess what? That person's name was still on it. I was told that this person has received tickets, and my rates will be going up. Needless to say, I'm beside myself.

It's been 3 years, and as many requests to remove this person from my insurance. This person was NEVER on my truck insurance, anyway, and that's the policy I received today. What kind of idiocy is this?

Whether willfully or through neglegence, someone at the Tommy Henry ALFA on Broad Street didn't take this person off of my insurance. If through neglegence, there must be some incompetence involved, and I don't want someone who doesn't care enough about the details of my policy to change it when I ask, as they certainly aren't responsible enough to take care of me if I have a claim. If willfully, it's an outright attempt to defraud me out of my premium by making me pay more for someone I never attempted to insure.

I strongly doubt I'll ever do business with Tommy Henry, again. I personally asked him to take this person off of my insurance LAST YEAR and he failed to do so. I urge anyone contemplating doing business with this agency to beware. I've been overpaying my premium for 3 years, and they never cared. I feel robbed.


I went by the Tommy Henry ALFA the afternoon of the day I posted this. They gave me a piece of paper, in writing, that stated they had taken this person off of my insurance. They apologized. I honestly believe that my request to take that person off of my insurance fell through the cracks, and that it wasn't a purposeful thing. They've always responded quickly when I have a question or a claim, so I suppose I might have been a little hard on Mr. Henry with this blog entry. I'm still getting quotes from other insurance companies, though.

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