Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Big Money Banker Plotted to Kill Aaron Russo?

According to this story from the New York Times, a big money banker testified, today in a Los Angeles court, under immunity, that he and a hitman discussed killing Aaron Russo after paying the hitman half a million dollars to spy on him. The reason for the immunity? The hitman is the one on trial, not the banker.

The banker, Adam Sender, who's company at one time held assets of over $1 billion, will not be charged in any way, despite having openly admitted to paying the man to illegally tap Mr. Russo's phones. Sender claimed Russo owed him a little over $1 million from an investment, and that he hired Pellicano to recover it. Anthony Pellicano, the alleged wiretapper and would-be hitman, is charged with racketeering, among other charges.

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