Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Birdies in the Boot

Wow, it's Thursday, again, already! Where did the past week go?

I've got some birdies living in an old boot of mine. They are some old work-boots I was using for yard work but abandoned after one too many uses. They were tossed beside my garage door until my girlfriend put them up on the 6' ladder I had propped up against the wall.

Some birds tried to nest in the boots earlier, but we ran them off using some decoy birds. We had a plastic cardinal, wren and blue jay around the garage to run them off.

One morning, I saw the cardinal on the ground, shattered. The cardinal had been placed on the ladder, right beside the boots. Investigating, I almost jumped out of my skin as a bird flew out of my right boot. Inside the boot were tiny eggs, cushoned by pine straw and other yard debris.

Shortly after that, the bird came back. Now, I can't go in and out of my garage door. One of the birds is always nearby to let me know who owns the boot. Here's a hint: it ain't me.