Thursday, September 06, 2007

Debate Update

Ron Paul slaughtered 'em last night. In spite of Chris Wallace, and the cackling mouths of blood-thirsty warmongers, Ron Paul made very important and impressive points. Huckabee's attack was an attempt to pander... more sound bite than substance. He implied that all we were fighting for in Iraq is 'honor'. Not a single person attempted to justify the war in Iraq. That really stood out to me. Dr. Paul was the only person to call for an immediate withdrawal. Everyone else wanted to 'leave with honor'. They remind me of Nixon.

Overall, I'd grade the debaters as follows:

Paul = A-
I really wish he had attacked more than defended. But then again, he is more of a defender. He did manage to get all the other candidates to pretty much admit Iraq was a mistake, though. That surprised me.

McCain = B-
He really looked strong. Way better than I've seen him recently. I marked him down for his 'leaving with honor' statement, but I can understand why he'd want that, being a Vietnam POW veteran. He could have tied into it a little more, though.

Huckabee = C
He won some respect from me by being calm and selecting his words carefully. Not carefully enough, however.

Romney = C-
I read an article last week that referred to him as 'Flip Flopmney'. I now see why he has that name. He was cool, calm and collected, though, making a few funnies.

Giuliani = D
Instead of making himself look better, he exposed quite a few of his waffle divots. He would have been better off to go on Letterman.

Brownback = D-
He didn't really say much of anything, nor did he really get involved in debating.

Tancredo = F
Was he there? Very weak performance.

Hunter = F
One trick pony. Although I like the trick (border fence), I wish he could talk about other things as vehemently.

F. Thompson = F-
At least show up. He got chewed on a few times for his absence. Bad move. If Giuliani had been on Letterman, at least we could have enjoyed the Leno vs. Letterman angle.

Interesting to note: I attempted to vote in the FoxNews debate poll. When I texted the code for my winner to the number indicated, I got an error message. Hannity was claiming 'Paulites' were repeat dialing. Well, I only voted once and it didn't even take my vote. Add another vote to Ron Paul, who won with 32%.