Friday, August 10, 2007

200,000 Miles, Right on Que

My truck rolled over 200,000 miles on my way home from work, yesterday.

So, I'm waiting to pick up my girlfriend from work, soakin' up the a/c in my truck, when suddenly I hear a pop... then I see steam... I quickly turned my truck off. I figured it had just run hot, sitting out there in the heat running my air conditioning. After a quick once over, I didn't see any obvious spot where the coolant overflowed from the cooling system. However, there was what looked like water and oil on the ground. I thought I was toast.

I got her mom to run me home, and got my dad to bring me back, to pull my truck home so I could work on it. Upon closer inspection, I found where there was a hole on the bottom of one of my hoses. We ran to the parts store and picked up a hose. I quickly put it on, and started for home. It ran hot again. My dad pulled me on home from there.

At home, I had a spare thermostat for my truck. I thought maybe that was the problem. After putting the new thermostat in, it still ran hot. Now, I'm thinking it's the water pump. A woman that works with my girlfriend suggested that when she saw my truck. Her water pump had gone out the week before. I hope she's right. I'll try it either tonight or tomorrow.

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