Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Union is Dissolved? I doubt it.

Vermont wants to seceed from the Union. Why is this suddenly news? There are at least 2 New England states that have had large secessionist movements going for years and several smaller movements. Attempts were made to recruit me, a few years ago, into moving to New Hampshire to support their Free State Movement.

Several other states have movements for secession from the US. California and Alaska are two big ones and Texas secessionists haven't stopped talking since Texas became a state. Hawaii, too, has had secessionist talk since statehood was granted. Among others, Oregon and Maine have small active secessionist groups. Even the City of New York has a history of secessionist movements.

Bottom Line: They can talk about it all they want. Let 'em try to exercise their right of secession and we'll see Uncle Sam turn into Uncle Stalin.

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