Monday, June 04, 2007


Here's a practice test for the Alabama High School Graduation Exam. This is from the 3rd revision, and I think they're currently on either the 4th or 5th revision. Contrary to what you might have gathered from the seeming lack of intellect in HS grads, the test is actually said to be getting HARDER. I took the mock test and slipped a bit here and there, though I think I might have done better if it weren't so abbreviated. The actual test has a lot more questions, I'm sure.

I don't really remember what the test was like when I took it back in the day. I remember taking and passing it, but I don't remember what it looked like. I seem to remember the answers being a little more obvious. I'm sure the material was a lot easier to remember for me back then, though, when it was fresher in my mind.

I'm a little stumped at how some well-known idiots have passed this test. If the mock test is truly indicative of the level of question complexity, there has to be something askew. They have to be grading on a curve, or using some sort of cheat for sub-par students (or athletes).