Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Martial Law in Selma!

I just heard that this was on the news last night:

City councilman Cecil Williamson is going to request from Governor Bob Riley that he declare the City of Selma under a state of martial law, due to the lack of local law enforcement, and corruption thereof.

Now, if he does, that will mean Bob Riley will have to approve it before anything happens. I don't see that happening. It would be VERY bad for Riley. For one, he has a very precarious 'relationship' with Senator Sanders. Declaring martial law in a city in Sanders' district without his approval would be a slap in the senator's face. National Guard troops haven't been in Selma since the riots of 90-91.

Basically, it probably won't happen because of politics. Riley needs the minority vote, and he would damage that with a declaration of martial law in the civil rights icon of Selma. IF he could somehow make it seem as though minorities were being victimized by NOT declaring martial law, AND if he could get Hank Sanders to go along with it, it might happen. But I doubt it. Riley is probably profiteering, albeit not directly, from the crime around here, anyway. That's the way republican/democratic politics work.

Something needs to be done about the rampant victimization of honest, law-abiding citizens of Selma. Forget 'click-it or ticket', how about 'commit a crime, do the time'. I don't understand the public relations slant. The seat-belt law is of questionable constitutionality, anyway. Stealing someone's vehicle in BROAD DAYLIGHT is unquestionably ILLEGAL, but they do nothing about THAT!

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