Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lazy Law

As I stood talking to a friend of mine in a local stereo shop, a couple of harried looking young men entered the store. One of them sounded upset as he asked if my friend knew what the sound ordinance was for Selma. After my buddy explained his take on it, one of the young men explained that he had just been ticketed by city police for a noise violation. He then stated he had a stock stereo system, and it wasn't even turned all the way up. He was upset, and wanted to know his legal standing.

Now, I know that when someone gets in trouble for something, they tend to overstate their innocence. Even if he was exaggerating, the police around here seem to be far more interested in revenue gathering than law enforcement. Police work isn't a BUSINESS... it's a DUTY. When you agree to become an officer of the law, you swear an oath to protect and serve, not to make money and avoid real police work.

Maybe someday we'll get some police reform. Until then, don't go 50 in a 45, or you'll get a ticket. Don't turn your radio up in town; you'll get a ticket. If your vehicle is stolen, you know where it is, and try to call for an officer to help you recover it... you're on your own.

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Anonymous WF4B said...

It's like the Noise law now is the SPD's latest way of not getting the real villians off the street such as one Bo Smith, I believe we need to get rid of perkins and everybody he's hired within the SPD because it's pretty much seen that they SUCK!

11:46 AM  
Blogger Tonewah said...

True. Sometimes it's like they protect drug enformants who've committed crimes against citizens more than the citizens. And there's no telling what other kind of motivation they might have for not doing their jobs, other than their obvious sloth...

2:14 PM  

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