Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Here's the Story

The LINK to the story my last blog entry was about.

I guess I'm not alone with my police inaction complaint. So far, I've heard MANY stories. I may start a new blog to record and document them.

Calhoun foods was robbed, but when the call went out, there were no police responders. Selma Jewelery was robbed with no police response, even though they had the names and addresses of the criminals. My TRUCK was stolen, with no police action taken against the criminals, although I have their names and photos. A man was robbed at gunpoint in BROAD DAYLIGHT at Wal-Mart with no police response. Another man's car was stolen and CRUSHED before he could get it back, with no response from law enforcement. A restaurant downtown was burglarized, again with no response from the police. A furniture store had over $3000 lost when a criminal wrote a bad check. The police did nothing, although the store had the person's name, address, and got the person to come to police headquarters! It's no wonder Selma is the worst city in the state for crime per capita! The criminals know they can get away with it!

I think this says it all, " the mayor and police chief, it's all just talk."

I'm FOR martial law in Selma. Either that, or hold emergency Constable elections to fill all the vacant precinct positions in the county.

Here's the text from the WSFA web page, for archival purposes, just in case the link goes dead:

Is it real or just perception? The idea that crime is out of control is a popular notion in Selma, especially to victims.

One city councilman says it's bad enough, He's taking drastic measures. Councilman Cecil Williams says he'll request the governor to declare marshal law in Selma.

But to the mayor and police chief, it's all just talk.

Selma residents who believe crime is more of a problem point to recent robberies and burglaries at private homes, in parking lots, and at businesses.

"I'm quite frustrated," said business owner Dianne Smitherman.

Smitherman owns Grumble's Alley restaurant, which was burglarized over the weekend for the fourth time in six months.

"They brought some bolt cutters and cut through my iron bars," Smitherman said.

The daughter of Selma's former mayor, Joe Smitherman, Dianne says the police have yet to follow up on any of her cases -- even after she handed over names of potential suspects.

"In January, I provided them with names of people who might have been involved with the burglaries and they have yet to be interviewed, interrogated, or investigated," Smitherman claims.

When we went to talk to police about residents' concerns, the chief wasn't available. He told us by phone that crime statistics are actually down.

Mayor James Perkins, who was also unavailable, released a statement in which he said the Selma murder rate is down and drug collections are up over the last three years.

In regard to the request for marshal law, Perkins told WSFA 12 News, "I feel sorry for Councilman Williamson and I am embarrassed for the people he is supposed to represent."

Williamson said he would mail a letter to the governor Wednesday to officially request a marshal law declaration.

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