Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Truck Update and VT Shootings

I tried calling Det. Neely yesterday. I got his voicemail. I know the wheels of justice sometimes spin slowly, but in this case, I think they could have spun a little more quickly. It's practically open and shut.

I can't assume that nothing is happening, though. I know evidence has to be gathered, and they want the case airtight before an arrest is made... especially in light of the current public opinion of the SPD.

A friend of mine told me he'd have the ABI look into taking prints from the items the thieves moved in my truck. If they decide to do so, I really hope they can lift some. There was a handheld CB in my truck that I KNOW had to have some prints on it.

In other news, the events that occurred at Virginia Tech yesterday both frighten and dismay me. So many young lives cut short. And the people attempting to assign blame... Some saying the police didn't respond quickly enough. Others saying the school should have warned the students sooner. It's terrible enough, what happened, without blaming the people who tried to HELP you. NO one would have been able to stop this guy from doing the damage he did. Even if a text message was sent to all of the students to stay in their class/dorm rooms. He forced his way into the classes, and it was like shooting fish in a barrel. I don't see how staying indoors would have prevented it. He was a crazy man on a mission. The only thing that could have stopped him was a bullet, which he eventually had to administer to himself.

There was a rule passed on the VT campus recently that no student could carry a firearm for protection, even with a concealed carry permit. All students were ordered to give up their weapons, or leave them off campus. If there is any blame, it should be assigned to that rule, which breaks the 2nd amendment. Rules like that only harm the law abiding people... the bad guys are going to sneak them and hide them, anyway.

Maybe it's just the view from where I am, but it really seems our civilization is in a state of digression. In ways, we're technically superior to any humans ever living before. It just seems we don't look out for one another like we once did. It's a very self-centered world, now. I'm not talking about socialism. I'm talking about taking an extra second or two to follow the golden rule.

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