Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Still Unsolved

I tried to find out if the police were doing anything on my truck theft case last night. I can't get a single person to answer the phone in the detective division of the SPD. They seem to not want to be bothered. Some numbers don't even have voicemail. They just ring ad infinitum. The ones that have voicemail don't return calls. I've been told by others who have had items stolen that the only way to even get their attention is by catching them when they either leave or arrive at police headquarters.

I know the SPD is shorthanded. I know policework is demanding, and not very financially rewarding... but there has to be some sort of law and order. You can't just write tickets and call it a day. If you'll pull people over for going 5 miles an hour over the speed limit, but won't respond to a stolen vehicle call, you're not worthy of being a peace officer.

It's not the law abiding public who need to be punished, but that's the way it seems...

What is it going to take? Do we have to wait until a police vehicle gets stolen and stripped by these creeps for any action to be taken?

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