Monday, April 09, 2007

Rough Weekend

My truck was stolen Thursday, and I had to get it back from some chop-shop. I got a tractor stuck Friday, and had to get it unstuck Saturday. Then, I spent Sunday doing the family thing for Easter. Well, that part wasn't all that bad.

I guess it all started Thursday morning, when the fan belt broke on my truck. I had just gotten off of the 80 bypass leaving Selma, and had almost made it to Craig Field when it happened. I pulled over to the shoulder and parked my truck. A co-worker of my girlfriend saw me pull over, and offered me a ride to the auto parts store. I accepted, but they were all closed. He dropped me off at my house, instead, and I took the Mustang to work. I figured I'd pick up a belt after work and replace it.

That never happened. When I returned to where I parked my truck, there was nothing there. My truck was gone. I immediately called 911. I flagged down a State Trooper, and he sat with me until a few minutes before the City Police arrived. After giving the officer all of my info, I was surprised when he said to come down to the police station Monday to file a report. "Monday?", I asked. He told me there would be an APB or something out for my truck.

While we sat there, I noticed several trucks going by repeatedly, and slowly. I stated to him that it seemed suspicious. He said they were probably just looking because he was a police officer. After he left, I found out he was wrong. I went and asked one of the guys in the trucks I saw passing if he had seen what happened. Guess what? He had!

In that one conversation, I figured out who had stolen my truck, where they had taken it, and even who it was! I tried to call the police to let them know what happened, but, when I called, the dispatcher told me there was no one there to give the information! I was shocked, to say the least. I asked if she could forward me to, or give me the number for someone who could help me, and she got annoyed, and told me the officer would have to call me back! I couldn't believe it.

So, I went on to where I had been told my truck was, and, sure enough, there it was. Seeing it there, the door jimmyed open, my belonging scattered on the seat, was too much. I asked a stander-by who's pick-up was attached to my truck. She pointed inside a roll-up door on an old garage-looking building. I went inside, asking who had stolen my truck. A guy, looking like a deer in headlights, admitted he had done it. Almost immediately he started trying to blame a woman for telling him to do it.

About that time, people starting coming out of the woodwork, including an obese man who started telling me I had to pay to get my truck. That incensed me, and I told them they need to worry about the police, now. I told them I was taking my truck, and I think the dirty-looking, deer-in-the-headlights guy flipped a switch or something, because my truck was no longer hooked to his. I then hopped into my truck, and drove off.

Realizing I was leaving my Mustang, I pulled over about a block down and ran back to the chop-shop. I cranked up the 'Stang and took it down to the radio station a few blocks away, where Jamie hopped in. He then drove the Mustang to my house while I drove the truck home.

There are scratches all on my door jam, and the rubber seal is stabbed where they were trying to get the door open. I don't understand why the police were so non-chalant and slow to act. As far as I know, they haven't even followed up on it. They were SUPPOSED to call me. I haven't heard from them yet. The SPD really let me down on this.

I have pictures of the damage they did to it. I'll attach them later. My laptop locked up this morning, or I would have uploaded them.

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