Friday, April 20, 2007

Hibachi Burn Out

Went to the Shogun last night and was very disappointed. Our Hibachi Chef was a newbie, or something, because he didn't do much of anything when he cooked our food. Oh, he clanged his utensils and everything, but I like the stunts and tricks. Even when they mess up, it's entertaining. I like the flames and fire tricks. FIRE! lol.

BUT... I had a large bottle of sake, so by the end of the meal, I was pretty happy, anyway. That's all I drank for the whole meal. Just sake. Japanese food and sake go well together.

I got Matt to drink a shot of sake, and it made him lose his mind. It was funny. I remember him saying, "Tony, that picture on the wall is moving", as he strained to look at a painting.

Afterwards, we went to his brother Max's house and had a great time watching a movie and generally cutting up. It more than made up for the bad Hibachi dude. Didn't get home until after midnight, but it was worth it. ...Good old fashioned guy's night out.

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