Monday, March 26, 2007

Cricket on NPR

I heard a whole 5 minute segment on NPR this morning about Cricket! They said Cricket was getting a lot of a attention due to the murder of Bob Woolmer. I disagree. I think that negative publicity from his death might drive people away from watching or listening. I think it's an interesting game, and I was excited by the upset of Ireland over Pakistan, because it showed the game can be unpredictable. That's what makes a sport entertaining. Then, when I found out Pakistan's coach was murdered, it turned me off quite a bit.

Still, the sport seems entertaining enough on it's own. I guess that's my point.

...In American sports, I've got 1 pick in the Final Four, Florida from the Widwest bracket. Most of the major contender teams I picked to win only lost by a point in close games. In the South bracket, Tennessee only lost by a point to Ohio State. In the East bracket, Vandy only lost by a point to Georgetown! There were a few that really let me down, like Duke, who lost by 2 to VCU, Kentucky who lost by a dozen to Kansas, and Arkansas, who lost by 17 to USC... but I was pretty close on the rest. My SEC loyalties always screw me up in that respect.

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