Friday, June 23, 2006

Time Flyer

I went to my sister's birthday party last night. It's good to be around family, sometimes. Catch up on stuff. Talk about old stuff. Laugh about stupid stuff.

My mom found some old Measure of Faith fliers. She had 'em sittin' on a shelf so I could see 'em when I came in. I looked so young in those things. They were 8 years old... from the last show we played. I was such a different person 8 years ago. It made me think about my old year books. They're on a shelf at my parent's house, too. I never bought any High School yearbooks, but I did buy the Junior High ones. I opened the first one, and there were 8 thousand signatures in the back. The next one had maybe 2.

I started thinking about school and got really depressed. How can stuff from 15-20 years ago still get me down? That's messed up.

This is the reason I hate nostalgia. It starts out all fun... thinking about the good times. Soon, you begin to realize things have changed. Then, you start remembering the bad stuff. lol. Without realizing it, you start to get all melancholy. Longing for the old times, and wishing they never happened all at the same time.