Thursday, May 04, 2006

Came and Went

As I was riding around last night, I started remembering what used to stand in what location. It made me start thinking about different things that have come and gone in Selma. I decided to make a list:

The chicken shack where the Raceway gas station is now located.
The painted 'Gibson's' sign visible from Highland Ave. looking North up Franklin St.
American Candy.
Westwood Grocery.
The big hill on the south side of Highway 80 coming into town from the West side.
The extra 2 lanes of Hwy 80.
The center lane of Highland Ave. through town.
Lake Lanier.
Yates Lake.
Judy Judy Judy's.
The Brown Bag.
The wooden speed limit signs on Hwy 80.
The gas station that used to sit right beside Valley Creek, across from the Graystone Motel.
The Torch Motel.
The Ice House.
Ezelle's Catfish Cabin No.2.
The hotel across from Shoney's that has changed it's name 100 times.
The Selma Motel.
The Crossing.
The Warehouse.

If anybody can remember any more, you're welcome to chime in.


Anonymous sw said...

How about all those pawn shops? Let's see... one was the Dairy Queen. One was the TCBY. Oh, and one was First Alabama (?) bank. Hmm... I'm sure the rest will come to me well after I have left this comment.

7:40 PM  
Blogger Tonewah said...

Thanks for the comment, sw. There have been a lot of pawn shops. And remember all the old video stores from when VCRs first hit big?

7:39 AM  

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