Wednesday, November 09, 2005

French Fries

For two weeks, France has been burning. Why is France always so slow to do anything when they are attacked? I read where a mayor of one of the cities involved was yelling to his policemen, "We're not Rambo's here, so if you see anything happening, don't do anything! Just report it." What good will that do for the person with their car on fire? How does that save the life of the kid trapped in a burning house? The French appear to be weak-willed pansies. Even more so than they did before. Crack some heads... those protesters don't have the right to destroy other people's property. Let 'em burn their own stuff. Sure, they probably don't have anything to burn, but that's France's fault, too. Let people protest all they want, but when they become violent, you have to restore order.