Tuesday, November 01, 2005


GEICO is putting on a 'Vote For the Greatest Quarterback of All-Time' interactive poll. The URL is http://www.collegegreatest.com. The first thing I noticed was Willie-Joe. Bama has one in the running! I was thinking, "This might be kinda cool."
Then, I noticed that out of the 30 candidates, 24 of them played between 1981 and 2004. That's more than one a year since 1981! Were there only 6 college football quarterbacks before 1981? Where's Archie Manning? It would be hard to find a QB that symbolized college football more than he did. The College Football News puts him in the top 20 college football players OF ALL TIME. Where's Jim Plunkett? You win the Heisman back in the 70's, and you don't get any respect? I think Bart Starr might deserve a shot at it, too. Just 'cause you weren't alive when someone played doesn't mean that they weren't one of the greatest of all time. Just because they didn't win the Heisman, or a national title doesn't mean they weren't one of the greatest. GEICO or whoever put this thing together needs to re-evaluate and put things into perspective. I think they're taking into account the abilities of these QB's teammates, just don't remember the past, or, maybe, they're just trying to get in good with fans who remember some of these overrated QBs from the recent past. I dunno.