Thursday, September 09, 2004

More Bones

Back in the mid '90s I was net-searching for weird places to visit in Europe when/if I finally made my much-anticipated trip. The trip never materialized, but I was reminded of one of the places I had intended to go when I looked at my 'CHUDs' entry earlier. It's the Sedlec Ossuary in Kutna Hora, Czechoslovakia. This place is a church decorated with the bones of vicitms of the black plague.

Yes, those are real human bones... this guy's site has a lot of cool pics from the Ossuary.

EDIT 2:02pm 9/9/2004--->
Here's a poem I wrote about this place a few years ago...

Piled high in the middle of the church, they are
a pale sconce.
Having seen nothing for 800 hundred years,
The hollowed eyes of these anonymous ancients,
show no signs of their former fears.

A work of art unparalleled by any mortis craftsman, giving glory to one
whose coming was marked by a star...
Magnificent, almost, until you realize what they are...
WHO they are.

High atop this gabled tribute to Zion,
on the place of highest honor;
on the spire where the cross should be,
glares the empty gaze of poison...
the 'Jolly Roger'.

In the throes of death they gathered;
came in droves to end their lives on Holy Ground.
Now they sit, unburied, mouths wide, but making no