Monday, January 29, 2024

Random Contact Failure

Our universe expands in random directions.  The galaxy spins off into eternity.  The Earth twirls like a top. Yet, occasionally, things line up in inexplicable and unlikely ways.  

A few weeks ago, the water went out in my parents' house.  The house is supplied by a well pump, and my Brother-in-law said the pump wasn't running.  Answering the call to check it out, I rushed over to see if I could troubleshoot the issue.  

After a bit of snooping, flipping breakers, etc., I just tried to force it on with the pressure switch.  Nothing.  On closer inspection, one of the contacts on the pressure switch was missing.  I found it on the floor nearby:

It was missing from the right side of the pressure switch, as seen below:

Two weeks later, at my house, the water went out.  I've lived in my house for a quarter century, and never replaced the pressure switch.  When I went to my pumphouse to investigate, I found this:

What are the chances of both of them failing in the same way, within days of each other?  My dad replaced his more recently, as it was much newer, but still a few years old, as he wouldn't have been able to do it the last 4 or 5 years.  Mine is probably over 30 years old.  It's not like they were replaced around the same time and both reached their end of life simultaneously. 

Quarks lined up for this.  Two universes passed through their dimensional plane at a single point of water pump pressure switch.  Or maybe it's just a weird coincidence.