Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Neo-fascist UK Government Executes Another Infant

Another child has become the victim of the eugenicist UK government.  After being sentenced to death by being deemed unworthy of further government expense, the baby was granted citizenship by another country where doctors, who believed the arrogant state doctors of the UK had misdiagnosed the child with a terminal illness.  However, not to be exposed as the horrifically inept medical 'professionals' they are, the UK ordered the baby held in custody by police until it died.

This is apparently just the latest baby murder committed by the UK government.  Just today, another family finally got recognition from the the government that it allowed their newborn to die last year.  As distasteful as it might be, parallels to the eugenics policies of WWII Germany come to mind.  

The UK is falling apart.  This is just another symptom.  I know the USA has issues with a decline in civility, but at least we're not deeming little children unworthy of life, and FORCING THEM TO DIE, because the government says their monetary allowance for survival has run out.