Wednesday, November 22, 2023

More Than Just a Turkey

Tomorrow, much food will be consumed.  Bordering on gluttony, even.  I've crossed that border many, many times, and had the swollen gut and indigestion to prove it.

Thanksgiving reminds us of the foods that saved our forebears.  The indigenous peoples already on the continent were generous enough to provide sustenance.  We remember the turkey, corn, squash and pumpkin in our cornucopias every year.

What we don't often remember is that it wasn't just those few things.  The natives also provided Europeans with tomatoes, potatoes, chocolate, vanilla, chili peppers and many other items.  Prior to American contact, Europe had never seen these.

So, at lunch tomorrow, when you eat something a little less traditional, like maybe french fries, something chocolatey, or spicy peppers... or even if it's just something vanilla flavored, remember to be thankful for those as well.  If it hadn't been for the natives of the Americas, they wouldn't exist!