Sunday, August 27, 2023


About 11pm, last night, two loud, house-shaking booms rattled me awake.  Immediately, thoughts of previous trees down took me to the back door.  Nothing.

Then, remembering a tree that was partially damaged in a wind-storm back in early summer, I walked out of the garage to examine it.  An inexplicable limb poked down into the driveway just in front of the garage. 

At that point, I discovered this:

A broken limb fell, jagged point down, directly on the power line, snagging it and pinning it to the ground.  Somehow, the house never lost power.  The neutral clearly snapped, and the splice stretched, but the lights never dimmed.  Amazing.

After a visit from Alabama Power, moving some limbs and getting a shower, the hay was hit after 2am.  I spent the morning cleaning up all the debris and limbs.  In spite of the minor inconveniences of cleaning them up, all of the trees to fall have done so in ways that didn't do any significant damage.  That is definitely something for which to be thankful.