Sunday, July 16, 2023

Energetic Luck

For about a century, mankind has recognized the potential damage caused to the environment by its actions.  Over-hunting, over-planting, strip-mining and many other practices have been observed and remedied.  The people who considered these issues were intelligent, fact-based and thoughtful. 

For almost as long, crackpots have been making wild claims about the effects man has on his environment to profit from the fear.  This is nothing new.  What IS new is the widespread dissemination and acceptance of this nonsense.  

There is no global climate crisis.  Burning fossil fuels isn't making the world hot.  Cows passing gas isn't ruining the atmosphere.  No scientific publications reliably indicate anything remotely close to this.

At some point, fossil fuels may be expended.  If that happens, no alternative energy source such as solar or wind will fill its place.  Dams, ocean current energy nor any other 'alternative energy' source will, either.

Luckily, they won't be needed.  Nuclear power is more than capable of filling the gap.  It will need to be safe, which requires responsible education.  With the amount of nonsense filling education on a global scale, it appears that might be when our luck runs out.