Thursday, June 22, 2023

Creature Crippling #5150

If you know the leviathan's OS, you need only find an open port to know the whereabouts of its tentacles.  

Disseminating those whereabouts becomes the issue.  As tentacles are exposed, the leviathan is smart enough to cut them off.  It remains unseen.

Exposing all of the tentacles at once seems the only way to expose it.  This, however, requires time and much effort. As it discovers them, it eliminates the ports.  

Luckily, as it removes limbs, it gets smaller.  Before a new pair of tentacles grow where the old port landed, another port exposes itself, forcing yet another amputation.  Losing mass, it lashes out with a panicked fervor.  

Before long, the thing holds a knife to its own throat.  

The only way it can continue to grow is to consume.  At this point, it's too weak to force its food into its mouth.  It now requires many little fish that voluntarily enter it's mouth.

Don't be a little fish.