Saturday, May 27, 2023

Public School Rant #5150

Public school has ruined several generations of children.  We're now dealing with the consequences of this..  Decades of parental neglect, subjecting their poor, innocent children to the equivalent of institutionalization are now bearing their rotten fruit in the form of mentally disturbed adults.

There's a whole generation of people, many of them already adults, who have no capability of understanding proper human interaction.  

Empathy, even for their own offspring, is nonexistent.  If they're ever offended by someone's actions towards their young, it's because it's their kid, not because they love their child.  They'd have no real issue with something happening to anyone, unless it directly affects them.

Age doesn't really mean anything in regard to this generation.  Some of them are in their 60s, some in their early 20s.  It's just those who're the 3rd or 4th generation who were educated in public schools.

Private schools aren't much, if any, better.  If they've followed the same outline of removing the parent from educational responsibility, they're the same.  

Losing the knowledge a parent should be passing to their child is the issue.  Each generation loses more and more.  Less and less quality, educational time is spent with the parents, leaving the future more bleak and inhuman.